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77 Ventures has been recognized as one of the pioneer brands of Exhibitions and Trade Fairs in India. They have been changing the game and setting new standards for others to follow with every step they take. As the leading name in the Trade Fair Business, 77 Ventures has aimed to bring a major change in the way the Industrial Environment Functions in Punjab, as well as in the entire nation. The business is renowned for their commitment towards uplifting the entrepreneurs of the nation by giving them a solid platform to showcase their goods. Their objective is to help the SMEs and Corporates alike by giving them access to a single, strong platform to get the exposure that will help their products storm the market, while also maintaining the healthy competition required for growth.

Our team has shown nothing but dedication towards setting an unmatched standard in terms of service quality to ensure that our partners get a vision of only the best in Trade Fairs and Event Management. Our organizers work with an open mind to ensure that they are able to create an environment where the changes suggested by our partners and clients can be implemented immediately while making them a part of the process as per their comfort levels. Our primary focus in this is to improve the growth of the Industry, without compromising on the sustainability of businesses.

The main goal of the 77 Ventures team is to create a healthy work environment which can contribute both economically, and with services towards to growth of the industries in our nation. This level of enthusiasm is something our patrons can expect of us in each collaboration.

Our mission
Our Vision

Our Mission

To become the global pioneer brand in industrial exhibitions by showcasing the latest innovations and technologies to boost our Industry to a level where “Make in India” will no longer be a mere slogan.

Our Vision

To unify our people in a collaborated goal of mutual profit in both – professional and personal spheres of life. To bring together various industries and marketers under a coalition with the aim to create monumental change for the benefit of the customers, industries, and the nation.

Tricity Real estate conference

Tricity Real Estate Conference is an event organized by 77Ventures.As from the name is clear that it is based on    Real  Estate Sector.   We will discuss on the emerging Real Estate market of Tricity and many more topics with industry leaders, developers, builders, financiers and senior executives present with us.

11 April 2020

Hotel Shivalikview, Sector 17, Chandigarh

77 Ventures – Why Visit?

Our exhibitions have been a place for visitors to come and explore the latest industrial innovations and find new products that can improve their lives. This helps them to improve their turnovers, while existing entrepreneurs can visit to build networks while sourcing new products and innovators. Another reason for clients to visit us is to learn of the latest and greatest trends of 77 Ventures and our partners.

When you visit our exhibitions, you ensure your position at the center of all innovations in your industry of interest. This will allow you to bring forth creative solutions to your team, and learn more about the comprehensive events involving conferences regarding the future of the industry.


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